Good PR, human compassion or both?

Its not hard to disagree that the recent weather other the past week was some of the worst we\’ve had in a few years. What makes this weather situation different from past is the ever growing use of social media and how companies are now getting credited and free PR based on their actions.

Recently the likes of Vauxhall Perth, Mcdonalds and many others stepped up to help those in need when the weather was at its worst, which is in no way a bad thing.

The staff at Vauxhall were willing to use their 4×4’s to transport people in need. Whether they realised it or not they received alot of good PR on Facebook & Twitter. Now this sort of thing happened all over the country with a similar local effect.

So what can business owners learn from this… good deeds will get noticed, especially at difficult times. So maybe helping out 1 day may attract more clients to your business in the coming weeks, which may improve turnover and give you that warm feeling inside knowing that your business has help others.



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