The Greenleaf guide to “creating your brand”

Every company whether they know it or not has a brand image.

Branding itself goes as far back as 2000bc where traders would brand the origin of their products and farmers would brand their livestock. Over time the idea of branding has evolved and the Norse word brandr translated \’to burn\’ gave branding its name.

How does this all relate to my company you may ask?

History has shown that branding has played an important part and will continue to do so for both small, medium and large organisations. Your brand will help position your company within the world and make you stand out.

So what makes a brand?

A brand is a flowing message & image that will tie in all your business activities, from your logo through to adverts, website, van signage and more.

When creating a brand you often need to look at a number of factors to build up an overall image so that the brand will appeal to your customer base. This is an important step a brand can be viewed in different ways by different groups. These factors are generally linked to your company goals, looking at customer base, compeition and why.

How can I make a brand?

A brand starts with the company name, this is the cornerstone piece as it remains constant throughout. The branding then needs a defined set of rules and guidelines which build up an overall message & image. A well defined and actioned brand can increase loyalty, competitive edge and a well defined message through out your business activities.

Branding guidelines are generally a particular set of design outlines, colour themes and ideals used when designing leaflets, websites, store fronts, adverts and anything else your company requires.

  1. Do your research! who is your target audience and who is your compeition.
  2. Create or enlist the help of professionals to create a logo and colour palette.
  3. Set our your company design guidelines to flow between the different display forms.
  4. Learn about what you need to avoid or keep away from.
  5. Watch & monitor your brand and your preception in the market place.

If you would like help or to chat about brand whether its a new brand or a re brand then why not get in touch on 01764 449018

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