Terms and Conditions For Monthly Website Services
• Should the client not already own their own domain name then Greenleaf Creative Ltd will be happy to handle the purchase of the desired domain
• Greenleaf Creative Ltd will build and host your website for an agreed minimum term of 24 months under all options.
• Hosting costs are charged monthly in advance and contained with-in the quoted monthly amount
• The start date of this agreement will be from the date Greenleaf Creative Ltd receives your signed order form as this will be required to build your website.
• Extra pages can be added over and above the option limits with-in the agreement time frame, this may push the given website service in to a higher payment bracket.
• We will add up to 20 products during the build of an ecommerce website for testing purposes, extra products added will incure a charge.
• We allow 30 mins (1hr for Ecommerce packages) per month as part of the agreement to go towards text and image updates, website amends above and beyond the service agreement will be charged at £45.00 per hour
• Following the initial 24 months term all options will continue to roll at monthly intervals.
• Should a client wish to take a website to another host then under all options the contract must be paid up in full.
• All websites shall remain the property of Greenleaf Creative Ltd until any release fees (individually agreed) have been paid.
• During busy periods all clients are advised of a 6 week lead time.
• Changes to websites after completion will be completed within 3-7 days unless a shorter time period has been agreed in advance
• Website payments must be made within 7 days of invoice, late payments will incure a £5 admin fee.
• Preferred payment method is by Direct Debit on the same day of the start of your contract of each month.
• Should for any reason an order placed for web design need to be cancelled prior to completion an hourly fee of £45.00 for work already carried out will become applicable.

Terms and Conditions For Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management Services
• Greenleaf Creative Ltd agrees to keep all passwords and company information private and will not disclose to anyone.
• The term set shall be a minimum that will continue on a rolling basis after the initial time period has ended.
• Greenleaf Creative Ltd cannot guarantee results on search engines but will endeavour to do all that is possible to get the agreed website higher in the organic search results
• The start date of this agreement will be from the date Greenleaf Creative Ltd receives your signed order form & payment.
• Greenleaf Creative Ltd can only act if it has all the relevant logins and passwords, Greenleaf Creative ltd is not responsible for any delays if all information is not presented.
• Greenleaf Creative Ltd reserves the right to post on to social platforms without the clients consent as long as it is relevant to achieving the desired result.
• All payments must be in advance of work being undertaken, if the client requests extra time then this can be discusses when required.

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