Search Engine Optimisation

Helping your website get noticed.

Getting noticed on Google

Search engine optimisation can be one of those riddles that is rarely ever solved, "How can I get my business higher on Google & Bing?"

Well the answer is simple, by following Google & Bing rules and making sure that all elements of your website, on and off page are correct.


Most of these with the exception of the E-commerce system all come as standard on all of our websites.


Getting the ball rolling


Not all businesses are the same and neither should their websites. The best first step is for us to chat, whether that is over the phone, email or in person.

By understanding your business and its needs will help alot with providing the best accurate quote and delivering the best results.


Fantastic you've filled in the booking form and made the appropriate up front payment... so what next?

This is where we need your logo and any other branding materials you may have (Don't worry if you don't have a logo as we can design one for you). We also require any content and images you may have, but at this stage don't panic if your still working on this.


When we have enough to start we will produce a proof of your home page and present it for review where you can see the look and style we are working towards, at this stage its easy enough to make any changes before we move ahead and create the rest of the website

Once we have finished then its simply a case of running through changes and alterations until you are 100% happy with it.

What about prices?

Just take a look at our pricing page to see a simplified pricelist.

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